What to expect

Many things about the naturopathic experience are similar to those you are used to

Naturopathic Medicine takes a broad and strategic approach to healing. You are likely to encounter any number of experiences that are new to you. This might include new technology (e.g. the Oura ring or continuous glucose monitoring), a more multi-faceted approach and tests that focus on HOW your body is functioning and WHAT it needs more or less of to be well. And more is expected of you! My naturopathic practice is something I do with you, never to you.

A few differences you may notice:

More communication

The naturopathic experience is personal and personalized. The first step in building a treatment plan to help you return to or achieve optimal wellness is learning a lot about you.

Different testing

Traditional medicine tends to rely on testing that is pathology-focused: each test helps to determine whether a patient has a certain condition/disease, such as high cholesterol. Naturopathic Doctors use traditional testing but also more exploratory ones, which help to answer questions like: “What is causing Howard’s irritable bowel syndrome?” “Are there toxic elements in Angela’s urine that are contributing to her feeling so unwell?”,  and “Why is Sally so tired even though all traditional testing is normal?”

Body and soul

For any real change we make in our lives, we often need to change our mindset. And so it is with health; our beliefs wreak physical changes upon our bodies, both positive and negative. As we work together, you may notice you question things about your health that you used to take for granted. Part of achieving better health is believing you can get there, calling on your mental powers and attitude as part of your game plan.